1 — Generalized Map: From Chiang Mai on Highway #118 to Baan Sammi

Generalized Map (BS Route Map 2): From Chiang Mai to Baan Sammi − Meeting Points (MP) 1-5

To copy, download, or print this map, click on this link which displays the map in a separate new window on your monitor. Then again click on the map in this new window, which displays the map in its larger original size, best suited for printing.
The landmark numbers (1–22) in the map correspond to the section numbering in the illustrated route description.

2 — Accurate Map: From Chiang Mai on Highway #118 to Baan Sammi

Accurate, Commented Google Map: From Chiang Mai on Highway #118 to Baan Sammi
(Main Route = Route 1)

The landmark numbers (Point 1–22) in the map, which can be seen when you enlarge the map, correspond to the section numbering in the Illustrated Route Description.

3 — Illustrated Route Description: From Chiang Mai on Highway #118 to Baan Sammi — English Detailed Version, with Brief Notes in Thai

■ The following section numbering (1–22) corresponds to the landmark numbering in both maps as displayed in chapter 1, the generalized map, and in chapter 2, the accurate map.
■ Maps and illustrated route descriptions are helpful in guidance if you travel to Baan Sammi by private car or motorbike.
■ If you choose public transport, please read: Baan Sammi by Public Transport.

1. Starting point: From inter­section San Dek (สี่แยกศาลเด็ก) = Super High­way (#11) × Chiang Mai – Doi Saket – Chiang Rai High­way (#118).
Location on Google Maps — สถานที่ตั้งบน Google Maps.

2. Take Highway #118 towards Doi Saket or Chiang Rai (ถ. เชียงใหม่ – ดอยสะเก็ด). Keep on this High­way for several kilometers. — ไปทางดอยสะเก็ด — At the first intersection with traffic lights after 1.1 km (0.7 mi), you will cross the Middle Ring Road #3029, which underpasses Highway #118, and at a further intersection with traffic lights after 4.0 km (2.5 mi), you will cross the Outer Ring Road #121.

Intersection ahead: #118 × Outer Ring Road #121

3. After 8.2 km (5.1 mi) from intersection San Dek, you will reach Ban Bo Hin, a village which is easily recognized by its pedestrian bridge over the High­way.

The village sign of Ban Bo Hin,
and the pedestrian bridge in the background
Pass through this village, and 1.3 km (0.8 mi) after the pedestrian bridge, you will pass a PT gasoline station on the left, and, 0.4 km (0.3 mi) farther, a Cosmo Oil gasoline station (which has ceased business). — ผ่าน บ. บ่อหิน

PT gasoline station
Cosmo Oil gasoline station

4. Having passed the gasoline stations, you will pass a village within a huge area bounded by a low wall, and further, just beside the High­way, you will pass the Horizon Tower, which is an easily recognizable tower with an advertis­­ing panel in Thai script and Roman script; the main text reads ทวีชล (Thawi­chon) and Horizon Village & Resort.

Horizon Tower

5. After 100 meters (300 ft), you will pass the entrance of HORIZON VILLAGE & RESORT (Meet­ing Point 1) (โรงแรม ฮอไรซัน วิลเลจ แอนด์ รีสอร์ท).

Horizon Village & Resort, entrance left in photo
Just a few meters after the entrance, adjacent to the High­way, there is car park­ing in front of Abacus Coffee Shop (กาแฟ้ กาแฟ) (photo below).

Abacus Coffee Shop

6. Continue, and 200 meters (0.1 mi) ahead, you will pass a twin road sign, บ. น้ำแพร่ (Ban Nam Phrae) and บ. ป่าดู่ (Ban Pa Du) (in black Thai script on white ground, the signs pointing to the right), and immediately thereafter you will cross a bridge over a small canal, คลองน้ำแพร่ (Klong Nam Phrae). The bridge itself is not easily recognizable, but it is decorated on the median strip of the Highway with a large colorful sign in honor of the royal family.

Twin road sign "Ban Nam Phrae" and "Ban Pa Du"

7. On the High­way, 500 m (0.3 mi) ahead, there is a U-turn. This is the first U-turn after Horizon. Take this U-turn, hence you will drive on the Highway in reverse direction (to Chiang Mai), keep on the Highway for a few hundred meters. — ที่กลับรถแรก

U-turn, indicated by the yellow road sign on the median strip of the Highway

8. You will pass the road sign, บ. น้ำแพร่ (Ban Nam Phrae) (the sign point­ing to the left), and, a few meters there­after, you will pass the other road sign, บ. ป่าดู่ (Ban Pa Du).

Road sign "Ban Nam Phrae"

9. You have reached the EXIT 'BAN NAM PHRAE' of High­way #118 (Meet­ing Point 2), which connects with a narrow country road on the left, just before the bridge. If you choose this exit as the meet­ing point, stop and wait next to it; the best spot to wait and to park a car is on the banquette of the High­way just some 15 meters before the exit.

Exit "Ban Nam Phrae", just before the bridge

10. Leave the High­way #118 at this exit (turn left). Follow the paved narrow country road, you will pass the village, Ban Nam Phrae. 400 meters (0.3 mi) after the exit, you will pass the monast­ery, Wat Nam Phrae (วัดน้ำแพร่), located on the right side. Head to­wards the next village, Ban Pa Du. — ทางออกถนนไหญ่ที่ บ. น้ำแพร่ไป บ. ป่าดู่

A monastery, Wat Nam Phrae

11. Exactly 1.5 km (0.9 mi) from the exit, or 350 meters (0.2 mi) before the village center of Ban Pa Du, you have reached a junction with a sharp left turn of the country road. Don't go straight on the subordinate street! Follow the country road in left direction!

T-junction with a sharp left turn of the country road

12. You will pass through the village center of Ban Pa Du. Just only 180 meters (0.1 mi) after the village center, there is a T-junction with a sharp right turn of the (main) country road, where road signs point to direct­ions of the next villages. Both directions, straight (subordinate street) and right (main country road), would lead you to Baan Sammi. We recommend you to turn right at this T-junction and follow the main country road, which is somewhat broader. — ผ่าน บ. ป่าดู่ ไปทาง บ. ป่าลาน — In case you choose the straight route, you will reach the next village, Ban Pa Tio (บ้านป่าติ้ว), after 1 km (0.6 mi), and before entering that village, one hundred meters before the monastery of Ban Pa Tio, turn right into the village street, pass the village, and you will reach Baan Sammi.

T-junction with a sharp right turn of the (main) country road,
which connects a smaller (subordinate) road straight ahead

13. Just 150 meters (500 ft) after the T-junction (right turn), you will pass the monast­ery of Ban Pa Du, located on the right side: WAT SI PRA DU (Meet­ing Point 3).

A monastery, Wat Si Pra Du

14. Having passed the monast­ery, and a few hundred meters distant from this monastery, you will approach the next village, Ban Pa Lan (บ. ป่าลาน), indicated by a village sign (in black Thai script on white ground).

15. Follow the country road. Exactly 850 meters (0.5 mi) from the monastery of Ban Pa Du, you have reached a cremation area with a tower-like build­ing on the left side The view to the tower could be obscured by trees and may be overlooked. Drive slowly!

Cremation area, with a tower-like building

16. Directly after this cremation area there is a T-junction, where a narrow, subordinate road divides from the country road. Turn left there. — เลี้ยวซ้ายสามแยกทางไปวัดป่าลาน

T-junction, directly after the cremation area

17. After only 140 meters (460 ft), you will pass the monast­ery of Ban Pa Lan (วัดป่าลาน), located on the right side and hidden by a tall Bodhi tree. WAT PA LAN (Meet­ing Point 4).

A monastery, Wat Pa Lan

18. Continue on this road. Just only a few meters after the monast­ery, you will approach 2 sharp curves on the country road, first a right-angle left turn, then a right-angle right turn. Keep on the country road, head to­wards the next village, Ban Pa Yang Poi (บ. ป่ายางปอย).

19. On half of the way to the village Ban Pa Yang Poi, you will see, on the left, a large new building (of a car painting company), and you will approach a slight S-curve. There, you can see on the left side – if not hidden by greenery – a wooden village sign of Ban Pa Yang Poi.

Wooden village sign of Ban Pa Yang Poi

20. Keep on the country road for another few hundred meters, then you will enter the village Ban Pa Yang Poi at the next T-junction. In the background of this T-junction there is a new villa (hidden by trees). Drive slowly! The T-junction ahead is dangerous!

Village Ban Pa Yang Poi and T-junction ahead, hidden by trees
Entering the village Ban Pa Yang Poi, T-junction

21. Turn left at this T-junction, then go straight ahead­, and, after only a few meters, you will see a second T-junction, where you will pass straight­ ahead, and slow down! — เลี้ยวซ้ายสามแยก บ. ป่ายางปอย หนึ่ง้อยเมตรถึง บ้านแซมมี อยู่ข้างขวา

A T-junction, just in front of Baan Sammi

22. You will see on the right side, along the road and ditch, the typical wooden fence of the property, with the main entrance gate of Baan Sammi, and a farther second entrance gate. You have arrived at BAAN SAMMI (Meet­ing Point 5).

Main entrance gate of the private driveway of Baan Sammi
Main entrance gate of Baan Sammi, with left side and right side

On the right side of the main entrance gate you will see a name-plate above the entrance door, and a house number plate and doorbell left side of the door. Please, park your car or motorbike off the road, just on the driveway in front of the entrance gate, ring the doorbell, open the door and enter, and go to the office on the right side.

Entrance door of Baan Sammi, on the right side of the entrance gate

4 — Route Description: From Chiang Mai on Highway #118 to Baan Sammi — German Version, Summarized — Deutsche Kurz­fassung der Routenbeschreibung

1. Kreuzung High­way 11 mit High­way 118.
2. Auf High­way 118 in Richtung Doi Saket oder Chiang Rai.
3. Nach 8 km passiert man Bo Hin, einen Ort mit einer Fuss­gänger­brücke, danach passiert man zwei Tankstellen, PT (in Betrieb) und Cosmo Oil (ausser Betrieb).
4. Links erkennt man ein Resort mit einem zentralen grossen Gebäude, das Resort um­geben von einer niedri­gen Mauer, an der High­way ein Turm mit der Auf­schrift "Horizon".
5. Nach 100 m Eingang von HORIZON VILLAGE & RESORT (Treff­punkt 1), mit Park­platz und Abacus Coffee Shop an der High­way.
6. Nach weiteren 200 m erkennt man 2 rechts­weisende Richtungs­schilder in schwarzer Schrift in Thai auf weissem Grund, danach über­quert man eine kurze Brücke.
7. Ein gelbes Verkehrs­schild im Mittelstreifen zeigt die nächte Wende­möglich­keit an, diese be­nutzen.
8. Man erkennt die glei­chen Richtungs­schilder, diesmal links­weisend.
9. AUSFAHRT "BAN NAM PHRAE" (Treff­punkt 2).
10. Man nehme diese Ausfahrt, nach 400 m ein Kloster rechts.
11. Genau 1,5 km nach der Ausfahrt eine scharfe Links­kurve.
12. Nach dieser Linkskurve sind es 350 m bis zum Zentrum des Ortes Ban Pa Du. Gleich 180 m nach dem Zentrum eine scharfe Rechts­kurve (die gerade­aus weiter­führende Strasse ist unter­ge­ordnet).
13. Nur 150 m nach der Rechtskurve ist rechter Hand ein Kloster, WAT SRI PRA DU (Treff­punkt 3).
14. Weiter zum nächsten Ort, Ban Pa Lan.
15. Man erkennt links einen Turm eines Krema­toriums.
16. Direkt hinter dem Krematorium eine Ab­zweigung nach links, diese nehmen.
17. 140 m rechts ein Kloster, WAT PA LAN (Treff­punkt 4).
18. Gleich nach dem Koster scharfe Links- und Rechts­kurve.
19. Danach sieht man links ein langes, grosses Gebäude (eine Autolackiererei), und es folgt eine leichte Rechts- und Links­kurve, hier dann ein Orts­schild aus Holz.
20. Man nähert sich dem Dorf Pa Yang Poi, gleich am Orts­eingang eine Ein­mündung.
21. Links abbiegen, sogleich erkennt man ein paar Meter weiter eine ein­mün­dende Strasse von rechts, gerade­aus weiter.
22. Unmittel­bar nach der Ein­mün­dung er­kennt man, hinter einem charakteristischen Holzzaun rechter Hand, BAAN SAMMI (Treffpunkt 5).

5 — GPS / Coordinates / Online Maps

If you use a Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation device, or an Internet-enabled mobile phone, then it's quite easy to locate and find "Baan Sammi".

GPS coordinates — พิกัด จีพีเอส
If you wish to approach Baan Sammi by using a GPS tracking system, then enter the following geographical coordinates in your system:
Latitude: North (+) 18.835128 = 18° 50' 6.5"
Longitude: East (+) 99.107841 = 99° 6' 28.2"

Google Maps — สถานที่ตั้ง อยู่ที่ แผนที่ Google

Baan Sammi is the name of the property which includes the enterprise Baan Sammi Nature Resort and Bamboo Garden. On Google Maps, our location is marked and named as "Baan Sammi, Nature Resort and Bamboo Garden" on zoom level 16. You will find our location on Google Maps by searching "Baan Sammi", "Baan Sammi Nature Resort", "Baan Sammi Nature Resort and Bamboo Garden", "Chiang Mai Bamboo Garden", "Chiang Mai Bamboo Nursery", "Doi Saket Bamboo Garden", or "Doi Saket Nature Resort". Adding city name and country name in the search field,  "..., Chiang Mai, Thailand", is not needed.

Alternatively, you find our location in Google Maps by inserting the aforementioned coordinates, "18.835128,99.107841", in the Google Maps search box.

The best navigated route starting from the city of Chiang Mai ("Mueang Chiang Mai District"), or from the airport ("Chiang Mai International Airport"), is displayed when initially entering "Horizon" (Village & Resort, San Pa Pao) in your device, and from there then entering "Baan Sammi".

View Baan Sammi in a larger map

Locations of our houses and the main entrance gate by precise coordinates of latitude and longitude:
Plumeria Bungalow — 18.835357, 99.107806
Khilek Pavilion — 18.835432, 99.107850
Lychee Lodge — 18.835426, 99.107935
Tai Saeng Chan Pavilion — 18.835765, 99.107814
Dillenia Bungalow — 18.836228, 99.107950
Chom Doi Pavilion — 18.836220, 99.108041
Clerodendrum Chalet — 18.835121, 99.107691
Main entrance gate — 18.835213, 99.107649

OpenStreetMap — สถานที่ตั้ง อยู่ที่ แผนที่ OpenStreetMap

On OpenStreetMap, our location is marked and named as "Baan Sammi Nature Resort" on deep zoom level. You will find our location by simply searching "Baan Sammi", or "Baan Sammi Nature Resort".

HERE Map — สถานที่ตั้ง อยู่ที่ แผนที่ HERE

On HERE Map (HERE WeGo), our location is neither marked nor named, but you will find our location correctly by simply searching "Baan Sammi Nature Resort".

WAZE Map — สถานที่ตั้ง อยู่ที่ แผนที่ WAZE

On WAZE Map, our location is, similar as on HERE Map, neither marked nor named, but you will find our location correctly by simply searching "Baan Sammi, Nature Resort and Bamboo Garden".

MapCode — สถานที่ตั้ง อยู่ที่ แผนที่ MapCode

On MapCode, you can find our location as follows: Select context "Thailand" (THA), then enter the GPS Mapcode: 5C6M.BK or in Thai: ๕ข๖ถ.กฑ

6 — Contact

— ข้อมูลการติดต่อ

Khun Sam — คุณแซม

Nature Resort — รีสอร์ทในสวนธรรมชาติ
Bamboo Garden — สวนไผ่เชียงใหม่

Address — ที่อยู่
Baan Sammi, 79–79/3 M. 6, Ban Pa Yang Poi, T. Pa Lan,
A. Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, 50220, Thailand

บ้านแซมมี ๗๙–๗๙/๓ หมู่บ้าน ๖ บ้านป่ายางปอย ตำบลป่าลาน
อำเภอดอยสะเก็ด จังหวัดเชียงใหม่ ๕๐๒๒๐

Phone — โทรศัพท์
Mobile: 089-6339517 (Khun Sam)
Phone call reception times:
Mobile: 8:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. Bangkok Time, any day
(check time with World Clock).

Email — อีเมล์
For communication by email, please, initially use the contact form on the right column (top of page).